Hard to start after warmed

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Oct 24, 2005
Fall River Mills, CA
I have been driving my fj60 a lot more lately, just because i miss driving it as a DD. So anywasy, It fires up pretty good in the morning considering the temp, couple pumps on the gas choke out and it ususally fires on the first try. I seem to have a problem starting it after it warms ups. Example, Pull in to get a expensive tank of gas, shut it off, fill the tank, then try to start her and it takes a lot longer to start then if she is cold. Some one mentioned to me the other day that it could be the fuel pump. Not that much of cruiser mechinic so I'm not good at diagnosing things of that nature. I tried the search function but did not see anything hard starting after warmed up.
Fan works great
Are you holding the gas pedal to the floor when you hot start?

Nope, not trying tactic to start it. Should I be doing that, never had to do that before.
pump twice and hold gas at least 1/2 down. Starts quickly warm.
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yes it does, hot and warm
my carb fan comes on for almost 30 min. automaticly after i turn the engine off. No matter ho long it was on or the temperature outside


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