Hangover Run

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Jan 6, 2012
Central Point, OR
Well this year has gone by pretty dang quick. So grab your trucks and lets go have some fun in the new year!

When: Jan 1st 10am

Where: Dollar Tree, White City OR

I'll be guiding us up to a fun section past lake creek. Wheeling will be moderate. Well stop and have some lunch and bs.

Hope you guys can make it.
Excellent!! Fingers have been crossed for lots of snow!

What the terrain like up there? Last time I was up there is was mostly rutted muddy 'trails'. Trying to figure what vehicle to take
Now, when you say "moderate" I don't think that means the same thing as when I say "moderate" or am I just a pansie?
It has a few mud holes and hills with some rocks but nothing like the mcgrew. I will have all the trails trimmed up before so no unnecessary overgrown limbs for scratches and such.
Wait?! There is a chance of scratches?
I think if there's a tree within a 100 yards of Ty there is a chance of scratches. I've seen him drive.
Pretty much, but I don’t drive.
I'd like to but I intend to have a hangover and then watch the football playoffs all day and then at some point jumping back on the bandwagon that caused the hangover in the first place. It's a vicious cycle.
Depends if I decide to go skiing.
There are mountains with snow...... just need to decide how far I want to drive. ;P
Alright!!! We cleared up the trails today and all is set ! We will be stopping at a very cool location for lunch and I will build a fire for roasting some weenies. Hope you guys can make it!!

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