Hammers 2018

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I just found this web site where you can buy your 2018 KOH tickets before January 29 and save $10.
I'll be there. Are there any PMC competing that I need to root for?
Knorr boys will be competing to keep up , 5 days of ???? Good old Time with PMC ers
Jpr Ron and I are planning either Friday or Saturday... With Rolando. I noted traffic to Ron and suggest Saturday, Ron is calling Rolando to see if Sat is OK, and Rolando is planning for Sunday. Typical Hammers.

I understand PMC will be camping out behind or near gate 4. We do plan to stake off a large piece of terra firma, get the banner hung, etc. Hoping we can camp together as opposed to scattered around. Bring firewood. I am bringing my medium size Weber BBQ.

Jeff, drop me a note on your plans. Andy, I'm bringing your can. Knorr Bros, sorry no propane for you. Tim, got something for you.

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