h55f gearbox seals and gaskets

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Jul 7, 2008
Ripped the gearbox and transfer case out of my BJ71 yesterday. Now to replace all the seals and gaskets.. Is this a job for a gearbox specialist or something I could tackle myself?
If you have the skills to remove it then you should be able to do the seals.
Just download yourself a manual and give it a shot.
Just keep parts tidy and organised in trays and or boxes, and take photos as you go if you like.
If you are in a hurry, then best to send it to a shop.
I have tackled some big jobs over the years, with a good manual and patience and no pressure...
And I am no car mechanic.... Although I have a mechanical background and I like to tinker.
Try out yourself! You come realize that you're capable of Landcruiser.:p Everything has a 1st time,right?:D
I am in the same situation....have an H41/Toybox/Splitcase that needs to be cleaned up and resealed all around....nervous as heck as to put it back together after they're all in pieces :)

Keep your work area spotless...and you'll be fine.

Post up photos of your progress!
Just did my gearbox an transfer case bearings an seals.
Only problem you may have is getting the bearings off the ends of the main an countershafts so you can get the shafts out of the housing. Youll need some good bearing pullers to remove them.
I didnt have suitable pullers to get all of them off so used a gas torch on a couple of them:D. Im a diesel mechanic by trade so wasnt too much of a problem. Other than that its pretty straight forward until you have to press the same bearings back on

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