GX460 Nitro Gas 2" Lift Kit - $599 with free shipping

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Aug 30, 2019
Wilsonville, Oregon
GX460 Kit
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Product Specifications
  • Estimated Lift: 2-3"
  • Package Details: Kit
Pressurized shock absorber boosts performance and adapts to a wide range of driving styles.
  • NITROGEN GAS PRESSURIZED - Low pressure nitrogen gas dramatically reduces the likelihood of oil aeration and shock fade.
  • 35mm TEFLON BANDED PISTON - Precision shim-stack piston specifically valved by Ironman suspension engineers, banded with teflon for smooth long life operation.
  • 54mm TWIN TUBE BODY - Increased oil volume for improved cooling and endurance, Twin tube construction protects internal components from rock damage.
  • 16mm – 18mm HARD CHROME PISTON ROD - Hardened and polished, volumetrically balanced to piston size.
  • FLEXIBLE RUBBER BUSHES - Offers quieter operation and reduces damaging side loads from shock absorber.
  • TRIPLE-LIP HIGH PRESSURE NOK SEAL - Maximum gas and oil retention ability to withstand high displacement offroad use.
  • SUPPLEMENTARY WELDED MOUNTS - Fusion welded and supplementary welded for maximum strength and reliability.
  • SINGLE PIECE BILLET EYE RINGS AND STEMS - Ultra robust design prevents breakage or bending of mounts.
  • VEHICLE SPECIFIC VALVING - Every part number is specially valved for each vehicle application, this ensures the best possible ride and handling as intended by Ironman suspension engineers.
  • LONG TRAVEL - Suitable for standard and raised height vehicles, additional length increases wheel articulation.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT STONE SHIELD - Steel or Polyethylene dust shield protects piston rod from impacts and road debris.
This Kit Includes:
  • TOY065B Front Coil Springs - Performance Load 0-110LBS (one set)
  • TOY056B Rear Coil Springs - Performance Load 0-660LBS (one set)
  • 12710GR Front Strut - Nitro Gas (2)
  • 12682GRC Rear Shock Absorber - Nitro Gas (2)
Apr 7, 2020
Newberg Oregon
are Upper control arms recommended for this kit?
Sorry, no one has got back to you yet, and its been a couple of months. But yes I do recommend that you get new upgraded upper control arms with this kit. If you have any more questions you can inbox me a message or if you go to our website Ironman4x4america.com we have a live chat that you can speak with someone live!
May 31, 2020
Milton, Wa
I just picked up a 2017 GX 460. Planning on lifting it 2”. How does this kit compare to OME and Dobinsons? Also, I’m located in WA. Is there a local dealer I can get these from?

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