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Dec 16, 2015
Vancouver, BC
Hello everyone, and apologies to CruiserPilot for not doing this sooner! I moved to Nanaimo almost a year ago and have been dailying My '91 LJ71 ever since, so some of you may have seen me booting around.

I bought a minty 2lt Hilux Surf in 2007 because I couldn't find a diesel 80 which was what I really wanted. I loved it despite cracking the head and rebuilding the injection pump, I sold it to get a commuter and instantly regretted it. Fast forward to 2016 and was looking for a cheap bush truck/camping rig, i was looking for a SASes 4runner or a Cherokee (ugh). Well I stumbled on an ad for 'Land Cruiser' with this pic..

I bought it for under 4k, despite having reservations about getting back into a 2lte, I figured it was a small price to pay to get into a 70. And I had been reading GTSsportscoupes thread because I'm a huge toyota/cruiser geek, so I had some idea what i was getting into.

She held together for a year before the headgasket went, took us to some pretty cool spots and earned the name Whistle Pig because the rusted exhaust made it sound like a semi truck. I considered different engine swaps and searched classifieds. I stumbled on a low km engine trans combo, swapped it in with a new headgasket but original head.. At this point I was installing gauges, working out all the kinks from the swap. Did exhaust, intercooler was running good but fighting weird heat soak issues. It wasn't my primary vehicle so i chipped away at it, about a year ago, right before I was about to move John Voo hooked me up with an adaptor that lets you use a 1kz thermostat. That solved all coolant temp issues, just in time!


This is how she sits not, just finished the Coastal Offroad bumper and I have a winch waiting to go on.. that may require me to swap to a water/air intercooler setup. Just trying to catch up on maintenance.

I've met some of you at a coffee meet before Christmas, Ive been super busy but need to make some time to get out and explore, so if anyone needs a partner hit me up.

I'm also considering picking this kz71 for parts and the clean body, anyone need anything from it?



Welcome to our little world here! I like this little truck, small enough to go anywhere. It's been
nice to bump into you along the way. Feel free to drop by this weekend if you don't have camping
plans. I'm up to it in an intercooler install, and I'm gone next week until June. J
Hey, good to have some more nanaimo people. We'll have to have another coffee or beer thing at some point.

As a club we used to do something every month, but...that seems to have died.

So now it's just a quiet corner of mud, where you don't have to read 37 new posts about hooking up a stereo in a 24v truck, or how to turbo a 3b on a daily basis. :lol:
Welcome to the forum! I'm sort of reducing my involvement on mud due to other life commitments, but will help you with your 2LTE mods as I can. 2LTE can be a fine engine if it has a second generation cylinder head, and upgrades to keep it cool. I've been beating mine hard for the last 7 years and still haven't cracked a head.

That KZJ71 is beautiful! What a steal. I think it deserves a new long block. Parting it would be a shame. New JDM 1KZTE is about about 3-4k CAD. That truck fixed up is worth $10-15k USD in the states. Would be a nice one to keep too.... All that said, if you buy it to part it, let me know....I'm interested in a number of items.

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