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Aug 16, 2013
Hello fellow members. I'm a noob with Land Cruisers but I've always liked the look, form, and function of the 60 Series. I've been reading a lot of threads on the 60 Series and I'm very amazed at how much info is in this forum.

I'm getting married soon and God willing, hoping to have little ones in the near future. I have a 75 GMC Jimmy with Deaver springs, King shocks, roll cage, etc, etc. I'm more than likely going to sell my Jimmy and try to get a more family friendly FJ62. I appreciate all the members of this forum sharing their experiences with Land Cruisers. The hunt for a 62 is on!

Take care and stay safe.
Get a 60 and don't let the wife drive it. :D

Welcome. :flipoff2: (official MUD greeting)
What are your plans for your newly acquired 60 series Land Cruiser?
Distance of travel to get one?
How mechanically inclined are you (assuming from your Jimmy I would say pretty)?
Where exactly are you located?

As you can see there are some pretty significant differences between the FJ60 and FJ62. Now you say FJ62 so I am assuming that you know a majority of these but do not discount the FJ60, while it may be slightly harder to pass smog in Commifornia, the FJ62 can have just as many problems.

Welcome to Mud :flipoff2: start using the search and the FAQ section and let us know where we can help. Spike is in your area and a good wealth of knowledge and there are more than a few shops in Cali that are great shops.
Can always put that 383 stroker that you've wanted for the Jimmy in the FJ6X.......
Welcome to the madness! Keep us abreast on your search. X2 on not ruling out a 60.
Welcome to the madness! Keep us abreast on your search. X2 on not ruling out a 60.

X3. 60s have a charm that the 62s do not. Let's see some pics of the Jimmy. A cruiser with Deavers would be ideal.
Another vote for a 60!
Owning a 62, I say stay on the search for a 62. Both have their appeal but the additional creature comforts sold me on the 62.
Thanks for the hospitality. I haven't completely ruled out the 60. I just think the 62 has more creature comforts and better freeway driving manners (overdrive vs 4 speed manual) than the 60.

I'm planning on using it as a family hauler around town and weekend expedition vehicle. I've been stuck in So Cal all my life and I'd love to see the other beautiful states.

I'm somewhat mechanically inclined. I don't mind wrenching and getting a little dirty. I'll try to post some pics of my Jimmy when I get home.

As far as budget, I'll decide that once I sell my Jimmy. I'd prefer to stay in Southern CA to buy a 60 series. I don't want to go through the hassles of registering an out of state car here in CA.
I have banged around in the 62 for a while now. It has been great to explore in it, but I have frankenstein'd it plenty for 2-person compact travel and camping since I bought it. It has actually moved toward a 60 with 5spd and a simpler motor than the 3FE.

Here are some places in the West it has been (albums by state). Maybe they will provide some motivation to get out! I still feel like I've been nowhere.









and an album on mods over time-
Beautiful pics Esh. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the pics with your LC in it.

Here's a pic of my Jimmy.


Esh - what wheels are those on your 62? I have seen them before but can't remember who makes them. I am being picky about wheels (planning to upgrade to 17s when I do my real lift) and actually like those.
As a former 60 owner and current 62 owner, the 3FE is easier to maintain although underpowered for the auto on the road. I don't mind going slow and after installing an aux tranny cooler the auto is way better for wheeling.

I really hated the square headlights til I blacked out the grill, while I'm glad to own my 62 for wheeling purposes there's a certain tractor like allure that would draw me to the 60 for a resto project/daily.
Thanks for the info. I decided to narrow my search to a late '85 to '87 FJ60. Power door locks are an easy upgrade, I can live with manual windows, and I'm liking the nostalgia of carb'd vehicles. What really convinced me is the ease of installing a 5 speed into these models. I got my eye on a few. Hope to check them out this weekend.
Welcome to the Madness!. I know you will find something to your liking. I'm in Culver City if you need any help looking for one or just to ask questions. Good Luck!
Keep your eye on all the classifieds and there is a link to a tool in the Classified section that will search multiple Craigslist cities for you. Also think about using the local newspapers in your area and surrounding areas as well. When I found mine it was listed in a local newspaper auto section in Utah and the only reason I came across it was because Cruiser Outfitters was nice enough to list it on their Facebook page after they found it in the paper.
If you're in LA, it couldn't hurt to pop into Specter and K&H. Someone might have one/know of one for sale?
If you are any where close to Hemet and have a cruiser you'd like a knowledgable TLC mechanic to look at, I'd recommend Mike at Rock Solid Offroad. He'll always give the straight poop on a vehicle and he does excellent work at reasonable rates. Plus he can build anything. His number is 1 (951) 654-5404. Good luck with the hunt for a rig.
Thanks for the all the advice. The search is over. Picked up a 86 FJ60. Body is a little rough but not too much rust. Long term project. Runs pretty good too. I'll try to put up pics in a few days.

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