Greetings from new 100 owner

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Feb 10, 2015
I picked up an LC 100 in September and have been loving every mile of ownership since then. The cruiser has OEM rear e-locker, ARB front air locker, BFG A/Ts and 179k very well-maintained miles. It's been a blast during these very snowy weeks here in the Boston area!

Glad to have found this forum. It's already helped me get to know the truck. I do have a question:

- I can't seem to release the second row seats behind the driver so they "tumble" into the footwell. Is there a trick to this? Is this lever or mechanism prone to failure? How do I diagnose this?
Beautiful rig (and child)!

Welcome to the forum.
There should be two handles to pull. First pull the upper handle located on the side of the seat back to lower it forward, then pull the lower handle on the seat bottom to release the seat forward towards the driver seat. Make sure the head rest is in the down position and drivers seat is not to far back. Greetings
Second row seats dont fold float into the footwell so much as fold forward to the back of the drivers seats. To do this, there is a lever on the side that folds the back of the seat forward then one that is lower on the bottom seat cushion that folds it all forward.

Like the color of your new ride - I just added one to the fleet that is the same for my daughter whom I think of being the age of yours.
Thanks guys... The issue is that the lever on the bottom seat cushion does not release the seat forward. It seems stuck. Is there a manual way to release it?

NC100--my daughter is 2 and loves walking around in the back of the rig. Too funny.
Welcome to the mud, vey nice rig :)
Looks just like my old one, complete with the fading trim pieces on the side. Miss the hell out of that thing :steer:
Love that color! Almost purchased a 100 that color but couldn't get maintenance records before pulling the trigger on the one we have.

Welcome to 'Mud.
Welcome! I'm a relatively new 100 owner and a Boston resident as well. Whereabouts in the area are you?

I started a thread here for us Boston locals, but it has since been moved into the Yankee Toys MA/NH section in the "Clubhouses" tab. Introduce yourself there and you'll find there are many Land Cruiser generations in the area.

Enjoy the new rig!
No tricks that I'm aware of.

You are folding the seatback by pulling this lever at the outer base of the seat back:

Tumbling the base forward after sliding this lever in the middle of the outside of the seat base towards the front of the car:

The PO probably has never taken them out I think. I'd lightly spray some WD40 or something similar on the locking mechanisms and let it soak for an hour or so with all windows open.

Nice 100 and cute kid, btw.
JLB, that's what I've tried doing but... no love :(

I get 2.5 to 3 inches of travel on the lever (on the seat base). How much are you seeing?

Are you seeing the same behavior on both sides, or only one side?

The mechanism other than the latch and the lever is covered by the trim on the bottom of the seat.

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