Greenville to Isle of palms mudship

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Sep 1, 2009
Greenville, SC
I'll be heading to the isle of palms to take the wife to wild dunes for mothers day/anniversary.

If you need something to go from G'vegas to chuck town get it to me before friday at noon.

I got the wife an hour or so at the spa sat at noon so if you wanna meet me at the wild dunes resort you can get any part/drop off any part that you need from greenville or need to get to greenville.

I work at down town greenville on stone just 2 blocks off of n.main.

can be dropped off evenings at my home in simpsonville.

email might be quickest to reach me

parts must be small enough to put in the back of a honda pilot.

wife won't be game for riding 4 hours in the diesel cruiser at 70mph.
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Will I fit in the back of a Pilot? I'll go if you bring me back!:hillbilly:
Lol you would have with 7 passengerseating

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