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Sep 5, 2005
Just wanted to let you know and say thanks!The TAC shirts are great!I've gotta send you guys some $$ for a membership now! I 'm trying to get my rig ready for witer/spring right now.I picked up another 74 fj for a parts rig and it's got a 4" Skyjacker Soft lift sittin on 35's.That and along with the Wilwood discs on the front on the front of mine...I'm gonna be headin back to Disney! I was soooo stock last time ...but it was still a blast.I just have too much work to do and not enough time.Thinkin of keepin the frame off this parts rig and doin a stretched wheel base crawler,but that's definetly gonna have to wait a bit.Next year.Thanks again guys...see ya soon.

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