got any BJ60 parts

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Jul 26, 2005
Cranbrook BC
Hey Guys.

Looking at buying a bj60.
Stock right now, pretty good shape, not to bad of rust from what I understand.
Going to need new rear leafs (typical sag).

Anyone got any? Perhaps you put a lift in and don't need them?
Or maybe you have a used lift?

Or anything else 60 series?
Used ARB, used x y z.....

On a budget right now, so I thought I would see what I could find used.
Leafs are the only thing it needs, anything would be just extra.
Big thing for me is budget.

Going into a 'Cruiser again Nick? If you find any that are parting out let me know as there are a few odds and ends that I could use.
i have parts , but im hoarding them i think you will find most cruiser guys hoard their parts , and i dont even have a cruiser .
but im hoarding them i think you will find most cruiser guys hoard their parts

Not necessarily. I have a bunch of 'Cruiser parts. I'm hoarding my FJ45LV parts 'cause it's not finished yet but most other parts will be willingly sold to those who demonstrate a need for them. Not those who want to profit from other 'Cruiserheads.

I've offered up various '55 parts over the year to folks desparate for them.
I ended up passing on the 60 due to frame issues.
Fine for now, but will not last me the few years I would want/need it to.

If I had more time and more $$$ I would of got it, and gotten an FJ60 from the US and put the two together. Timing is just bad, 3-6 months from now I could do it. But right now I need a vehicle to drive


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