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Jun 3, 2019
Redbank Plains
Hey all, I've had my 80 for awhile now and after some....tried stealing parts off my 80 (yeah guess the word im still pissed) its in desperate need of repairs.

Usually id do it myself, I was a mechanic and my workshop specialised basic in diesel 80 series, but I'm disabled and its now beyond what my body can handle.

What's a good mechanic for these rims in the Brisbane or ipswich region. If they are good and don't try over charge ill drive if I have to pretty far.

At minimum they will need to rebalance my tailshaft, likely do some repairs to my transfer case maybe even the gearbox (they were either after my transfer case or my gearbox found out after leaving my doctors the cheeky b.... tried doing it on the side of the road, they did take my spare wheels and spare wheel carrier sadly they took off with that), also wanting a complete rebuild of my engine including a nice bath for the block, new bearings, timing, ik itd prob cost alot but I love my girl and want it to be happy.

The place I used to work at is Nightcliff Motors, if I still lived in Darwin id take the old girl there my old boss was basically a God on these, hell if it was there id ask him to rebuild it top to bottom and do mods.
Sorry for the bad luck. Hopefully someone from the area can help you with the recommendation.

Maybe change the title of your post to "good workshop in the Brisbane or ipswich area" this might draw some locals to the thread.

Best of luck to you
Sadly I cannot, if a mod or admin can change the title to include location thatd be amazing and sorry for being an idiot and not doing it when posting.

Above the first post should be a Grey icon that says watch with an arrow next to it. I think if you click the arrow you can select edit thread and edit the title.
Sorry about the theft. Turn phone sideways, additional options show up. Also, click on the dots…..

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