Gold Mine or Junk Yard?

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Mar 31, 2006
Central California
So I went and picked up my seats from my buddy who I gave them to about 6 months ago. I talked into buying a bunch of early to mid 60's FJ 40's and he has done nothing with them, yet.

I'm getting the shorty running boards but the rest is probably going up for sale in the future.

No front turn signals, no Land Cruiser bezels, no early rear turn signals.
Some weird soft doors.

The top hinge bolts to the windshield frame. The bottom pivot goes in a hole in the rocker panel.

In the bottom picture you can see the gap between the top of the door adn the hardtop. There are snaps on the front portion of the door like it would snap to the "A" pillar and the front cowl.

I have an exact set of theses door as well. Mine are black.
Is this an Uber Rare heater housing?

It looks like the one that RockCod has in his 1964 FJ 45.


That is indeed the same heater housing I have in my 45. Nice find on those parts rigs. If you decide to part them I am in need of those windshield defroster deflectors for Snotz.
I noticed that you were missing the ducts in your windshield. I'm missing them in my 1964 as well. I have noticed a lot of peoples rigs are missing them.

I could probably borrow them if you knew someone who could reproduce them.

Think Awl_Teq could do it?
Gold mine? Probably not, but some neat stuff regardless. Parts rich, cash poor. :lol:

Tony / Dan I probably have a set or two of those defrosters hanging around. Not much use on a 25. ;)
Thanks for the offer, I would like to have a set for my 64 but I would rather see them go to someone who is going to use them to finish off a restoration.

My 62/63 doesn't need them and that is the one I'm going to restore.


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