get frame fixed now or later?

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Feb 7, 2008
Got my 40 down to the frame and need or want to get the frame straightened. I had no issues with doors etc fitting but the front pass. is aprox 1" above drivers side and pushed in alittle. Have called and spoke to a few locals and seem to get different solutions. Should I get frame staightened now with body off ( seems easier to get to and see whats what to me ) or put everything back together then take and have tweeked.

If you have it down to the frame how about getting a good used frame? I can't see it being cheap to straighten one.
Was guoted max $400 from one place and advised to put together first. Not going for restore just a decent driver to get me back and forth to work and around town once in awhile. I will make up my mind within a few days which way I'm going to go.


Alright I'm looking for a new frame

My lack of cents ;)
1 " and in a little , plus this is a rust junk frame.

Chain down , hyd jack to push it straight , , chain and pull.

Have the frame off the body to straighten , if it is the same as my 60 , as i have done .
Frame pull / bend /push is a ton or so , with a body on that light metal will bend and distort faster with both frame and body connected. SLOW 1 at a time.

OK that frigged up frame , it's my first dibs , just for that cent!!

gave it one last chance over the weekend. Chained to dumpster full of granite scraps did alittle pulling here and there and was very surprised at how well it came out. got the diamond shape back to square within 1/8 of an inch. I had some nice straps and chains were completly cover and secured for when I would snap them. We will see I'm not done yet with only surface rust its worth a shot.

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