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Mar 28, 2003
I emailed George mentioning how happy I was on his map light and dome lamp LEDs -- I asked him if anything else was in the mix, and here's what he came back with -- this new stuff looks a bit like Star Wars to me, but I'm sure it'll come along --


PS -- here's his site --

Hi Eric,
glad you're pleased with them - it's hard to tell people just how much nicer the LEDs are than the incandescent bulbs - in all respects. If you get a chance to spread the word to other 80's guys it would always be appreciated. Word of mouth is always the best way to sell things.
I'm actually working on a 'work' light that would run on 4AA nimh rechargeables and be able to be charged in about 1 hour from 12V. You could run the light from either the 12V (so the nimh would always be topped up) or you could unplug it and use it standalone. Should give abut 5hrs continuous output from a full charge. I'm still designing the electronics, but have a pretty good idea of the work light head. Uses loc-line to provide a flexible light, the head has a machined reflector that gives a nice even beam. I'm planning on a magnetic base (with some soft material to protect the paint) so you could 'stick' it where it was needed around the vehicle etc. Here's a couple of pics of the head assembly prototype. This will be at least a couple of months away, since I have to build the prototype electronics and then get pcbs fabbed up - still have to run a cost estimate on it. Got a mate that has a mate that will quote me on cnc machining the heads once I finalize on that aspect of the design.
Haven't thought to much about other vehicle replacement bulbs, though I'm really tempted to make something that would replace the bulbs in the ARB lights so I could fully seal them - water always seems to sneak in there and stuff up the reflector. I'd also like to replace the brake lights on the kaymar - just to give a faster break light on time.



Jan 2, 2003
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