Gates hoses & belts,who has the best price

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Jan 14, 2009
Hello ,looking for new hoses and belts for my 91 fj80,who has the best price for these item's.also with a engine dia.showing all places on the engine to know what to ask for .Most of these site's i wonder who set them up .they show 1 hose or 1 belt .What about the others ya need.tired of pulling my hair out,so i ask my own kind where to do my shoping for cooling hoses and v-belts.looking for Gate's brand thanks ahead of time, also looking for 12HT-Turbo,jim
I was going to go with Gates or something local originally but am very glad I decided to go with OEM belts from cdan. The engine is so quiet now I can really focus in on my exhaust leaks. :)
how did ya get the parts from c-dan

i called where he works ,the phone kept cutting me off when they put me on hold,then a recording it will be 20-25 min wait.did ya go to the shop to get the parts, i wish i could find a diagram of all the hoses belts and part numbers so i can just order from c-dan or other,this is a great suv but trying to find parts for it suc_k.Maybe i need a parts book with all parts numbers in it ,is there 1 or only at the dealer,loc parts store only have part numbers no picture of where it goes.tells me bring all used belts and hoses in lay on counter and he will order,i tell ya again best suv ever got but can't get parts for it i AM just glad it is in the garage and not stuck in the woods.all most makes me want to go back to A- junk,at least when ya tell them its 4 a 66 chevy he puts the part on the counter 4 ya.I THINK INSTEAD OF FIXING HER SHE GOES BACK ON 4SALE BOARD,
CDan is your part number reference guide.

If the wait is too long for you, call back later when the wait is only fifteen minutes - it will be worth the wait.

talked to c-dan,on the landline,some of the oem hoses are not able to get from toyota,so i guess i am back to looking for gate's or ? to get all the hoses i need. 1 of the air hoses toyota has the other no more,2 hoses from therostat to piping back to heater core only sold with hoses and metal piping over 200.oo only need hoses,so that is part of y going to see what i can get elsewhere and get all i need in 1 place.instead of half oem and other jerry riging a piece of hose to fit.we will see.
2 hoses from therostat to piping back to heater core only sold with hoses and metal piping over 200.oo only need hoses.

Tell him CJF asked nicely for him to look up the same hoses for a 88-90 62 series 3FE.

When I needed just those hoses a few years ago, that's what I was able to do. (Maybe they're not available any more?)


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