Gail Brown In Hospice

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Mar 26, 2003
Some of you may know Dave Brown, past president of TLCA. His wife Gail has had cancer for a while now and is in failing health. Matt Farr, Rising Sun President and TLCA Webmaster posted this up on the Rising Sun forum earlier today:

Hulk said:
I got this e-mail from Dave Brown this morning:
On Sunday May 18th. Gail suffered a severe bleed in the brain.
They can't do anything to fix it.
Seems the Renal Cell Cancer went to her brain.
We didn't know about it.

Today she has been moved to the Johnson Hospice on Arapahoe Rd. in Englewood.
We don't know how much time she has.


I just spoke to Dave. They've been battling Gail's cancer for several years now. The cancer was stage 4 when diagnosed, so it's been a long, tough battle, and they knew it was likely a losing battle eventually.

Gail is conscious today, but she is weak. Dave was just heading down the hill to be with her. He's exhausted too -- only getting about 4 hours of sleep a night.

If you know Dave, you might give him a call or send him a note. Even if you don't know Dave, please keep Gail, Dave and their family in your prayers.

I'm sorry to hear about his.. Will keep thoughts and prayers for the Brown family.
Very unfortunate. Sad news indeed...
So sorry to hear about Gail. :frown: My prayers will be for her, Dave and the family.

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