FZJ80 Landcruiser with Mitsubishi 4D34 Diesel Conversion

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Dirty Koala

Mar 18, 2013
Draper, UT
So I stumbled across this Mitsubishi 4D34 into a 96 FZJ conversion today, one of the videos was taken at Rausch.

@Pacer have you come across this one before? I'd be interested to see what fueling, timing and turbo mods were done, and what the power output is after those mods.

Nice truck. Wonder what trail the 80 on extreme downhill is? Didn't look at all familiar to me and I bet he needed a change of underwear after that descent.
Yes, that's Steve, @SuperHatch. He built a monster out of that engine and truck, then sold it after he sorted out the by-turbo setup.
I actually bought the engine in my truck from him. He's in South Jersey, good dude.
I sent the build thread to our Steve in NJ after our last run.

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