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Mar 26, 2012
Seattle, WA
I'm adding some electrical stuff to my GX so i wanted to put in a seperate fuse block. I am generally more into motorcycles and did the same on my BMW R1200GS adventure...

Discovered the FuzeBlock a while back. It's a small Fuse box with a built in relay that allows each circuit to be switched or unswitched. Cool gear. Had one in the BMW GS now one is going in the lexus. WAY better than the other options like Bluesea etc.

Great little thing and easy to deal with. Thier info page is here:

No affiliation at all just bought two of them and like them.

I'm also putting in a powered USB port...Ill wire it so that it can be on all the time to charge the phone.

some options:
3BR Powersports | USB Power Ports | Power Sport Vehicles - Motorcycle, Adventure Bike, Cruiser, ATV, Snowmobile | Pashnit Moto

The 3BR usb is what i will use.
That's all pretty cool and I'll have to keep those in mind. Thanks for sharing. :)

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