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Apr 24, 2004
Las Vegas, NV
I've read several posts on Toyota doing a removable top in the future but I'm really wondering if it come true or not. What do you guys think? If they do come out with one, I'm thinking of leasing the new FJ until the removable top model comes out and buy that one. Thanks

I believe they will and also probably a soft top version in a few years after they are released.
Soft top version would be very, very tempting. Toyota, are you listening? Could be a daily driver instead of the Miata I'd get otherwise when both kids are off to college.
Now that sounds more like it, I would add it to my collection if it were to hapen.
I'm hoping they'll have both removable hard top and soft top. :)
I'm still waiting for Toyota to muster up the balls and begin shipping diesels to the US, building them here or whatever.

Gas prices are going up again and to me it seems like bio diesel / SVO could be implemented faster and cheaper here in the US than hybrid or hydrogen. Besides, with many farmers losing their life's work, growing vegetables for fuel could revitalize the farming industry especially given our nation's growing fuel demand/consumption.

We've been burning gas for over a 100 years now. It's time for something new, even though it's not really new. Of course our economy would have to be restructured in the process.

The first diesel burned peanut oil. They provide mor torque, last longer and burn cleaner when their not burning petroleum based fuel.

It's got to be more cost effective to grow fuel above ground than to drill below and out at sea.

Besides, I want diesels in all of my current and future Cruisers and I'm looking for excuses.
I'm not buying one until they offer a removable top.

A soft top with a turbodiesel? I might buy two. :D
Defintely diesel soft tops would be the shizzz
You'll probably see an FJh Cruiser before diesel. Yota is really into hybrids.
Don't hold your breathe on the Diesel.
But if they come out w/ the removable top,
I'm getting one. Hopefully both hard and soft.

Removable top would be nice. Soft top would look weird (er).
A diesel or a hybrid wouldn't be too bad either way, even though I would prefer a the diesel engine. It's the removable top that I'm hoping for.


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