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Mar 15, 2012
Traveling the Americas
United States
Sale pending to a lucky new owner in the central valley. I hope to see her on the trail again soon.



Do you dream of a LHD turbodiesel wagon but don't want to spend $15k? Maybe you're looking for a vehicle for a 1HZ, 1HD, or some more exotic engine swap. If you already have a 60 and want to swap over some unusual parts like my Aussie rear windows or full floating rear axles. If you like to wrench, this is the rig for you.

I've been planning to sell my HJ60 after buying an HZJ75 for my next project. I just found a Troopy for so now this wagon needs to go. It also needs some work and I'd just as soon let the next owner decide how to proceed, so I'm listing it cheap.

If you're up for a project, this could be the cheapest way to get yourself into a LHD turbo diesel wagon in the US.

I've driven it from Alaska to Costa Rica, taken multiple baja trips, and gone wheeling and traveling all around the western US. This thing eats up sand, rocks, trails and pavement with ease. It crosses the border easily since the CBP guys think it's too cool. It turns heads and starts conversations everywhere I stop.

Pics on my flickr feed: Search: landcruiser | Flickr
Previous owners for-sale thread: For Sale - 84' HJ60 Turbo High Roof - California Title

The Good:
  • California registration/title history. Should be easy to register and smog-exempt
  • Left-hand drive
  • Stock 2H diesel
  • Turbo-Glide turbo
  • Fully floating rear axles
  • H55F Toyota 5 speed transmission, and split transfer case
  • Autolocker in front diff
  • hardened birfields
  • welded fan clutch
  • TJM bull bar with Warn winch
  • High-roof body
  • Split bench front seats
  • Australian sliding rear-windows with screens
  • Safari snorkel
  • Stock red racing stripes
  • Custom tube steel roof rack with con-ferr mounts
  • Side awning made by rooftop tent
  • Autometer gauges for water, EGT and boost
  • OME heavy-duty lift with 2 additional leafs in the rear springs and greasable shackles
  • 4x4 labs steering system using 80-series TREs
  • ARB harness for headlights
  • Dual swingout rear bumper
  • Working AC - blows nice and cold
  • Wagon Trails tailgate storage compartment
  • Custom subwoofer box hidden in LH rear quarter panel
  • new tie rods, relay rods, rod ends and alignment
  • New windshield wiper linkage from Toyota, and 4Runner wiper upgrade from @beno
  • New starter
  • All major service at Valley Hybrids (@orangefj45) and Torfab (@torfab)
  • Comes with a binder of receipts and maintenance records
And now the bad. On my most recent trip, it developed an ugly knock which I've traced to something in the bottom-end, likely a wrist pin / connecting rod at the piston. I had a complete set of pistons and rings installed while in Nicaragua and I suspect a part failed or install issue led to the current problems. I put it on a transport and had it hauled to Georg's shop in Stockton. It starts and runs, but I've been avoiding doing so as I don't want to throw a rod.

Here's a list of the work I plan to do on it if she doesn't sell.
  • Rebuild head. It's long overdue for a valve job. I suspect the valve guides are worn.
  • Rebuild or replace the block. Georg has one available in the shop if you want a drop-in replacement.
  • Injection pump service. I've done the injectors and glow plugs but never touched the pump. This is probably the cause of cold morning smokey starts.
  • Frame repair. It's not as bad as it sounds. The last 6" or so of frame on each side are delaminating and probably should be repaired and painted before it gets into a structurally important part of the frame. The rest of the frame is in good shape with some surface rust only.
  • Body rust. I would replace the front doors and tailgate and l take it to Baja to have the roof repairs done. I don't have the time, tools, talent or space to do my own body work.
  • Install stock 2H alternator. I had an autoelectric shop do some custom wiring when parts weren't available on the road. It works but annoys me to run motorcraft voltage regulators
  • The driver-side rear seat belt likes to stick.
It's got ~295k miles on the chassis and ~155k miles on the drivetrain. Make me an offer so I have room to work on my Troopy.



Edit: added locker & birfs
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Mar 15, 2012
Traveling the Americas
Bump for a price drop. $4k.

I just bought a Troopy. This one's gotta go. I'd really like someone to do the overhaul and have this wagon tearing up dirt roads in Baja for years to come, but if you're already a 60 owner and just want a ton of great parts to transplant to your rig, I'd understand that too.


Aug 25, 2019
Jackson, WY
Hi there, I came across your old "1984 LHD High-Roof Turbo HJ60" listing, which I hope went to a good home as that was a beauty of a rig. I saw you mention that you have had body work done in Baja and I wanted to inquire about that.
We just got a little piece of dirt down Pescadero/Todos Santos and I've been looking at bringing down a Cruiser to leave down there as our desert exploration rig. Would be awesome to have a shop that can do good work on it.
There's a 89' FJ 62 I'm looking at right now that would need a some rust repair in classic wheel well areas, and have you found any shops you'd trust to do a tranny swap as well? The 62 has a A440F with high miles so considering a H55 swap in but not wild about the $6-7K price tag here in the States. Other option would be to throw in a used A440F with lower miles if those were floating around Mexico, but it's a harder to find tranny, so who knows.
Anyway, would appreciate any info if you have it and wanted to share. And have you kept up with who bought your 84 at all?

Mar 15, 2012
Traveling the Americas
I've never been down that far, but a few connections for you:
  1. I only know two mechanics in Baja. Monchi in Punta Banda (near Ensenada) and Alfein in San Felipe. Both build/mod/fix race trucks and are top notch mechanical wizards and could do a transmission swap.
  2. I know of a body shop in San Felipe, Carlosera. Has a shop just north of town on hwy 5. I've never actually used him because he always has a backlog of projects (lots of gringo trucks and RVs).
  3. Check out the Pitayeros Toyoteros FB group. They are based around Guerrero Negro and would be a good source of info. Facebook Groups -
Betsy is now at a shop in the sierras up near Tahoe. The new owner is navigating the vagaries of California's insane vehicle regulatory system and making decisions about what Betsy's future will be. I'm voting for a 1HD-T swap and a set of roof-mounted flamethrowers but alas the project is now out of my hands.

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