Front tube fender frame tie-ins

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Oct 18, 2005
Camp Verde, AZ
Hi all. This is my first post in 'HardCore Corner', but I guess the rig I'm building would be better suited here.

Anyway, I posed a question in the regular 40-55 forum, but I thin folks on this thread might have more opinions and experience about it. Here's the link to my post:


PS is there a way to move a thread to a different forum?
I used the MT fenders, but did the provided tie ins.
IMO, keeping things easily removable is always a good thing.
I like the way gumby did his, but I'd weld in some of those tubing locks. Not sure what they're called, but you weld em into section out runs of tubing that you need to remove at a later date.
I cut the aprons up to allow more clearance. I'm running 37's and some long bumps and have never had an issue w/ rub and I've STUFFED the tires all the way, as far as they'd go.
I really like the fenders.

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