front bumper mount

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Feb 9, 2002
ok, this bumper is going to be holding a winch (warn m8274), and i didn't include the winch or winch mounts in the model becasue i've already got that part figured out.
i'm curious if my idea here on how to bolt the new bumper (i made myself) onto the frame is any good. i don't want to use the old bracketry, and i think this is going to be sufficiently strong. i also feel like it should be torsionally and laterally stable... but i wanted your guys opionions. please feel free to copy my picture and add your own drawings over it, or whatever you feel like to get your points and ideas across.

all brackets (everything not the frame or bumper) will be 3/8 steel, and the bolts (only 4) will be grade 8.
how can none of you have opinions on this?
Looks great to me. I was thinking about the same sort of thing on my fj-62 except with different brackets due to my truck being a 62... but good luck to you. Post a pic when your done.
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how can none of you have opinions on this?

I'm sure there are opinions, but the forum has been down or intermittant for a while now. I suspect things will be slow for a little bit.

My opinion is that it's slightly overbuilt and should work fine. Did you take into account your spring hangers?
yes i have accounted for the spring hangers.
i may notch the bumper, but i don't think it is going to be that close to the frame.
it actually should sit just about where the stock one sits.
i'll take as many pics as i can of the process. tomorrow is
supposed to be the day i put it together...
(keep your fingers crossed)

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