Wanted Front Axle Hub 76+ in Buford, GA

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Hey guys, does anyone have one extra hub they can help me with? Its for my 77' FJ40 with disc brakes. Some how I am missing the part with the studs in it and I am trying to reassemble the axle again. See pic

Good luck! I am in Norcross. I don't have one, but here are a couple local contacts for you...

1. Peter Merriam is in Duluth. Peter is a Toyota guy and has tons of contacts. I have used him on my Sequoia, and I would recommend him for any work you need.

Merriam Automotive, Duluth Georgia

2. This guy is in Norcorss. I have not bought anything from him, but I have spoken to him. He has tons of FJ40 and FJ60 parts. He is always on CraigsList

FJ60, FJ62 Right Rear Quarter Panel

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Still needing this. Does anyone know if a front hub from an 82' FJ40 will work on a older 77? I also found a part number for a Hi Lux. Maybe that might work.

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