Front and rear differential

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Jun 1, 2016
Hello all,

I'm trying to seek some I formation on a differential for a kzj70

The rear lsd has gone bad and wanted to know if the front diff from any 70 series could fit in the place.

The part I'm referring to is the part that the axles go into and the crown is bolted to.

I know the front crown and pinion may be different but wanted to know if that part was same and could work in the rear diff

Any suggestions will help

I think the bearing size in the rear diff head assy is different between carriers and centers..As compared to the front.
Looking at the parts catalog for the part that holds the crown wheel on and the center, are different between front and rear....
Thanks for the reply. I'm stuck in a situation as I'd like to go to an open differential but cant seem to find which one will work. As it seems also that most of the Lj and kzjs came with lsd in rear
I think the only diffs you could do this with were the 84-90 7*(HD) and 6* series.
What do you mean by (HD) and oh so basically I'll have to put back an lsd then?
Strange in our market which is Jap used imports we dont see many LSD's.... its mostly open diffs in the rear with the occasional E locker.
What do you mean by (HD) and oh so basically I'll have to put back an lsd then?
The Heavy Duty models had larger diffs, 9.5 inch vs 8? inch.
LSDs were mainly in Australia but some other markets had them. The off side wheel doesnt receive much torque, just enough to stop wheel drag in soft conditions.
Oh ok well my kzj70 is a European model. It had lsd but other cruisers here are for the general market so maybe they had non lsd in it. You recon it would work in place of lsd or you think their might be a difference?
Does anyone know if a lj79 rear dif will work in the rear of a kzj70. I know for sure 6he ratios are different but I'm talking bolt up and just swapping crown and pinion over. Checked the difference between them. The kzj70 uses an lsd and has 2 different bearings while the lj uses 2 of the same bearings which the kzj70 lsd uses 1 of said same bearing. The pumpkin also has 2 different part numbers I'd assume is because of the different size bearings that it uses? Just wanted to know if it would work because the lj79 came open diff

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