For Sale FREE hardtop sides-AR

Apr 25, 2002
Bella Vista, AR
I got some extra parts when I purchased my Cruiser. I got both sides for a hardtop with no glass which someone can have if they want to pick them up. They have some rust on the lower area by the stakes. I can take some digital shots if anyone is interested.

I also got an extra transmission with the rig. It's a Toyota 1975 4-speed and it supposedly has 125k on it. I don't know the condition of it really. The guy told me he pulled it from a rolled Cruiser a number of years ago. I can take some shots of it as well. I DO NOT want to ship this thing, sorry :-[ I don't know what it's worth, someone told me to ask $100 for it. If you want it come get it...I am located in Northwest Arkansas.

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