Free: 20 % off all parts coupon at Grossinger toyota

Discussion in 'IL- Windy City Land Cruisers' started by archie, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. archie


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    Dec 14, 2002
    NW side of chicago
    Got a coupon in the mail with a coupon for 20 pct off of all parts bought at one time Grossinger toyota expiring 3-31-07. Great for that big ticket items or stuff you can't get delivered by CDan like antifreeze. PM me, I located not too far from the dealership's Touhy and Cicero location.
  2. chitown40


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    Feb 9, 2004
    Buffalo Grove, IL
    Just FYI, tell them you want 'vintage' parts pricing and you'll get the 20% off without the coupon. I buy a lot of my parts from them at C-Dan prices. Real important stuff or things they can't seem to find for me I get from C-Dan still. Also if you need any service done that you can't or don't want tot do yourself on cruisers older than '98, they offer vintage labor rates -- I believe it is about $69 or $70 / hr. Talk to the service manager Alan Farber. Good guy.. and likes cruiserheads. :)

    Oh yeah, if you do go there, make sure you explain to the porter how a 4-speed trans shifts. Most have no idea and will sit there lurching forward for 10 minutes trying to find reverse. :D
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