Fox Coilovers

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The first person that will work with you on tuning them. That's the biggest concern. If they won;t spend any time on the phone with you, then they probably will be happy to take your money and leave you without optimized shocks.
I'm pretty clear about what I want .. I certainly will appreciate any recommendation about valving, since that seems to be the only thing that's not standard across the different options ..

having said that, good customer service it's always a good thing to have ..

thanks Chris
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Getting valving close is easy. Getting valving spot on is not as easy. If you're going to spend the money on Fox's then make sure you eek every performance gain out of them as possible.
good customer service it's always a good thing to have.

Man, you know my take on where best to find that.....

That said, if dealing with anyone but Glenn, Sonny's the dood that can deliver goods with better customer service and more experience than the peons on the phone at the major producers.
Chris ..

I contact Sonny and he's awesome .. he send best wishes for you and your family also .. great advice ..we are disusing valving details and Mace it's right on the spot .. make it perfect will take more time and probably more $$$$ luckily for me FOX have this now ..


I thought with the new competitor in the market ( ORI ) they are getting fancy !
That style of adjustment is limited compared to actually removing the shock and taking it apart (it's only a slight modification on compression dampening). However, it's a HELL of a lot easier and for 90% of the people out there it's a great option.

It's also completely different than ORI's. Not bad, just different. It's hard to compare the two.
In my experience/opinion with several notable brands, that knob is just to psyche out the butt dyno meter.

Don't know nuttin' 'bout valving, spec'ing coils, or pretty much anything else to even say how the magic knob effects shock function, but haven't been able to tell a difference enough to justify.


Different story.....can feel from the ends of the spectrum, but never have with adjusters on coilovers (IFS, to be clear) or shocks.
Um, I may have missed it but is tencha getting coilovers?


Has been a while since I said coils .. then coil overs happens, and then ORI happens .. I'm comparing prices and options .. but gotta admit I'm just in love with ORI concept and would love to have those in Tencha ..

Just not sure they will suit my objective ..

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