Fort St. John Mud Bog

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Jan 18, 2005
Fort St John, BC
Hey all,
anybody planning to run at the Fort St. John Mud Bog, on the mothers day weekend?
I won't be bogging, but will probably be helping out.
we should have about 5 trucks from Ft Nelson coming

Did you get your truck running? I've been working, so mine is at a standstill :crybaby:
i should have some pictures, soon:rolleyes:
Me want pictures. Was it fun? Or was it lame?
It was good, that was the first mud bog I've ever been to, and looks like it will happen again next year, since I think it was pretty well attended. Too bad Dean didn't win the big truck side, then it would have been a Cruiser sweep. Al's son was driving Als Cruiser to win the small tire side of the event. Kelly won the big tire side.
Man, I wish I had the time to even go wheeling, now with work so busy, I have no time for anything. Hope you guys have a fun weekend.

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