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Jul 11, 2012
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Hey all,

I'm going to FJ62 disc brakes, so I won't be needing this stuff anymore. For anyone looking to keep the stock drum setup on their cruiser, and looking for parts, everything I just pulled appears to be in very good condition.

NOTE: All prices are "plus shipping" and "or best offer." Most of this stuff is fairly undesirable compared to the late model stuff, but I'd rather see it go to a good home than to scrap! I'll try to get some pictures next time I'm around the truck.

* Steering Arms (plus all hardware, cone washers, etc): $15ea, $25/pair
* Lower bearing caps/retainers + hardware (bolts, washers): $10 each
* Small Pattern Knuckles: $20 each, $35/pair
* Spindles, brass bushings look good: $20 each, $35/pair ***SOLD***
* Wheel Hubs (no bearings): $20 each, $35/pair
* Coarse Spline Axles/Birfields (inners and outers) - no spline damage, $25 each, $40/pair ***BIRFS SOLD, INNERS AVAILABLE***
* Drum Brake Backing Plates/Hardware: $10/side
* Wheel Cylinders - none leaking, PS cylinders look fairly new: $10/each, $30 for all 4
*WARN Course spline hubs, working fine when pulled (plus hardware): $30/each, $50/pair***
***These will need new "staked washers" as the ones that were on it are missing the stakes
* 1970-75 4-wheel drum Brake Master Cylinder (Leaking internally, Good for Core/possible rebuild) $10

I'll also sell all Axle/Outer components (Arms, Bearing caps, knuckles, spindles, hubs, WARN hubs, axles, backing plates (minus wheel cylinders) for $200 (plus shipping).

A couple pictures of what I have:

Passenger Side Backing Plate/Wheel Cylinders/Hardware

Driver's Side Backing Plate/cylinders


Hub (prior to removal - working fine)

2. Warn Hub Tabs Broken.JPG

Master Cylinder:

Failed MC.JPG

Course Spline Axles:

13.  Pull Knuckle, then axle.JPG

Depending on interest, I can get some more pictures of anything you need. I'll also "de-gunk" anything that sells to a reasonable level. I'm not going to take it all the way down to paintable but you won't received a box of grease, either!

I can "bundle" everything/anything and make a deal outside of what is listed. Preference given to anyone local. I'd be happy to drive them an hour or so or meet half-way as well, if the price is right.

As I said, I'm mostly interested in seeing these things get some use. If I don't have any takers, they'll go to the recyclers eventually.

PM me with any interest/offers!
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