Florence 24-26 this month

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Apr 11, 2009
Phoenix AZ
I know im new here but im planning a Florence run for the 24-26 weekend.. I have a few other people going and would like to see some of you out there...
Let me know
Sounds cool. Do you only run hardcore stuff with other buggies or do you enjoy any kind of wheeling?
I ask because most of us here don't have buggies, so some places you go, we cannot.

The people here on this forum enjoy any kind of wheeling and all kinds of rigs are welcome.
Have fun.:cheers:
I have friends that also dont have buggies.. And up for any type of wheeling.. I do like the harder stuff but any wheeling will work for me.. Sometimes me and a few friends just do small runs just to get out....
Feel free to come out, like meeting new people to wheel with...
A few of us are headed towards Moab on that Saturday. :)
Was going to do box canyon and a few other trails with some of my friends.. But would love to try Axle Alley.. I just dont think some of my buddies rigs would make it? But anyone else wants to do it im in... I never done it and would like to give it a shot...
I might not be able to make it Fri. but will be there Sat..
Pm me with contact info to meet up if you want...

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