For Sale Flagstaff 2007 Ford Expedition Adventure Driven's "Aspen" Full Overland turn key build

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SOLD SOLD SOLD 2007 Ford Expedition 4x4 5.4 L V-8 Adventure Driven’s Aspen $53,000.00 fully equipped and ready for adventure travels. 136788 miles.

Thanks for checking out Aspen’s for sale ad! First things first, we do not need or want your negative opinion or appraisal of what our truck is worth. Please take any negative slams and comments somewhere else. Now for the other 99% of you awesome folks out there here it goes. :)

Ask your wife or your partner if you can buy this before you contact us with questions please. And if you want help or want to discuss your own build I can help consult for regular consultation fees.

The time has come to sell our one of a kind Unicorn overland truck. As far as we know the only one with this level of build in the whole wide world.

For 2019 we are going to focus our travels and adventures in our 1994 LMTV M1079 “Brutus” so Aspen our 2007 Ford Expedition will just be sitting while we are away. So we have decided to let someone else enjoy Aspen.

Aspen has proven himself on so many levels. Let’s face it, we were charging uncharted waters when we decided to build him, no one really has built an Expedition for extended comfortable travel so we were on our own. And we were not 100% certain it would even be a good choice. Well, that was worry that quickly fled. Silly side point, it does say “Expedition” on the door, we should have know it would turn out golden.

Aspen has 300HP and 365 TQ, payload capacity of 1895 pounds, (that’s more than a Toyota Tundra, to put it into perspective) and a 9000 pound towing capacity. The selectable 4 wheel drive with front and rear independent ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2.5 CDC valve one off custom suspension is a dream, very comfortable off and on road. We do not even air down all that much as it rides so good off road even on long corrugated dirt roads. Aspen has less interior cabin road noise than our GX470 Lexus, more power than our Lexus, tons more room, cheaper to insure and license, less expensive parts when needed, overall more comfortable to drive, the supportive scheel-mann seats are killer and the turning radius is the sharpest of any vehicle we have ever owned including our FZJ80 or GX470.

The truck drives great on the HWY and off road, we even took it on part of the Rubicon Trail and it surprised us with its competence.

This truck has zero rust, it has lived in the southwest its entire life.

Check out our “Adventure Driven” YouTube channel for more details and info.

Clear title comes with AZ bill of sale, No trades, cash only, not parting out so please don’t ask. Truck is located in Flagstaff AZ and can deliver personally anywhere, you pay our travel expenses.

I have personally maintained this truck meticulously in every way, only used Ford parts when available and we chose the best companies to work with to create the build. Here is a list of features and items included with the truck as priced.

VIN # 1fmfu16547LA68930


Build list:

1. CBI Off Road front and rear bumpers, full skid plates and sliders; all custom one-off parts not available for purchase from CBI. We worked very close with the design and features we wanted and they totally knocked it out of the park, attention to detail is a solid A Plus. Rear bumper is a two piece swing out with drop down table for food prep, rear aluminum box for storage and a separate attached kitchen cutlery and spices space on the inside, all box’s have drop down doors. There are 2 light posts with KC cyclone LED’s on a switch. This set up makes cooking a breeze and is well thought out in terms of space and easy to use. $15,000.00

2. ICON Vehicle Dynamics suspension custom one off parts not available for purchase, consisting of : (4) 2.5 CDC valve custom sprung coil overs with front upper control arms. This has changed the truck to amaizing in every way, small bump compliance is outstanding, we rarely air down when off-road, swallows chop and stutter bumps like it is not even there, handles fantastic on the HWY as well. $8000.00

3. Scheel-Mann USA front seats on custom seat brackets so they are 100% bolt in. Lets face it the stock Ford seats were absolutely awful, after much research we called Toby at Scheel-Mann USA and ended up with a set of orthopedic Traveler LR Edition seats that are absolutely perfect, we spend long days in them and still feel fresh, they feel great, supportive in all the right spots. After a 12 hour drive day we are not sore at all, one of our favorite mods we have made to Aspen. $4600.00

4. KC HiLites, turn night into day!!!!! 3 Carbon Pods on front bumper, Flex 50 inch above windshield, 2 LZR 4 inch LED ditch lights in front bumper, 3 LZR cube reverse lights automatically activated, 6 C2 area lights on roof rack for around camp, and 2 flood Cyclone lights on rear bumper poles for cooking etc. $3998.00

5. COME-UP winch Seal 12.5 with synthetic line $1150.00

6. Factor 55 Ultra Hook with rope guard $298.00

7. Equipt Expedition Outfitters parts :

K-9 Roof rack $1230.00

Large K-9 table mounted under roof rack $320.00

Stealth Roof Top Tent $3900.00

Dual Battery controller $395.00

8. Rhino Rack awnings:

Batwing awning $700.00

Sun Seeker awning on passenger side $309.00

9. Custom 20 gallon fresh water tank installed where the factory spare tire used to be:

20 gallon water tank $80.00

CBI Custom one-off support and skid plate system $1500.00

RV 12 volt pump with the fill and sprayer mounted inside $169.00

10. Stanley Steps to climb on roof $299.00

11. Dometic CFX 100W fridge freezer $1100.00

12. (5) Falken 35x12.50R17 $1250.00

13. (5) ICON Alloys six speed wheels 5 3/8 back space, 17x8 $1210

14. (4) Action Trax Recovery Boards $470.00

15. Gas Grill BBQ $74.00 (Cooks a mean porterhouse!) :)

16. Nitro 4:45 gears with front and rear ARB air lockers and a twin ARB air compressor, air outlet mounted on rear bumper, comes with air hose and gauge, installed at Nitro Gear and Axle $3900.00

17. Custom head lights $400.00

18. Power tow mirrors $325.00

19. Front door sound proofing installed $225.00

20. Ultra Gauge scanner and engine info center $69.00

21. Custom cat back exhaust system, not loud $535.00

22. Trash-A-Roo new $40.00

23. 400 watts of rollable solar panels $2000.00

24. Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 charge controller $325.85

25. ARB air hose and tire gauge $100.00

26. Window Vent Visors $79.00

27. Under hood heat exchanger for hot water shower $425.00

28. WeBoost 4G cell phone booster $499.00

29. Tekonsha brake controller $130.00

30. Noco shore 110V power port flush mount $17.00

31. Perco deck fill fresh water fill located inside $29.99

32. (2) solar power input ports, located front and rear to plug in panels $40.00

33. Power Mania shore battery charger under front passenger seat, works when plugged into shore power, 30 amps per battery $286.00

34. Shore power 110V plug mounted inside, hot when connected to shore like an RV $20.00

35. 600 watt inverter $299.00

36. SCT turner, used to correct speedo $399.00

37. Black Berry blue tooth module to connect music to stock radio $49.00

38. Ham antenna $39.00

39. Wheel Skins leather steering wheel cover $69.95

40. (3) Bussman circuit breakers $75.00

41. Wire used for build $419.00

42. Rear USB port and temp gauge $50.00

43. (2) Blue Sea fuse panels $80.00

44. Poop shovel $16.00 (Cuz it happens) :)

45. Phillips Crystal vision headlight bulbs hi/lo $100.00

46. Traction board pins/mounts $39.99

47. OEM Ford workshop manuals $130.00

48. Stan Sport front radiator grill $50.00

49. LED Back up bulbs in stock tail lights $25.00

50. New LED rear third brake light red $39.00

51. Floor Matts $59.99

52. 2 key fobs

53. Alternator 250 AMP high output $399.00

54. (2) 100 amp hour Battle Born batteries for a total of 200 amp hours to run fridge and camping equipment $2000.00

55. Yellow Top Optima AGM battery for the start battery $286.00

Total cost of overlanding parts $60,133.78

Total cost of mechanical parts replaced or updated $7165.40

Labor for the build $23,000.00

Truck cost $12,500.00

To duplicate this truck, IF you can get the parts we did, would cost $102,787.78, truck price as outfitted for only $53,000.00

Outside shots:












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Now here is a log of maintenance items and just picky pants things I have done to Aspen because I just wanted to, most was done to refresh original parts for years of future trouble free use.


Rear gear oil changed 75-140 full synthetic with friction modifier 4 oz # xl3

Front gear oil changed and drain plug installed 80-90

Transfer case oil changed Mercon 5

Power steering fluid flushed Mercon 5

Transmission fluid changed Mercon LV fluid

Transmission filter FT-171, 7L1Z-7A098-A

Drive belt Napa #061031, 6PK2618

Spark plugs Autolite HT15

Fuel filter Ford FG-1036

Coolant changed motor craft #VC-7-B gold antifreeze

Top coolant hose Napa #16240

Bottom coolant hose Ford KM-5028

Oil changed Motorcraft 5W-20, Motorcraft filter # FL820S

Thermostat Ford , Hanged RT-1234 and gasket RG-571-

New rear shaft u joints and balance

Air filter changed Motorcraft #FA-1883

Bled brakes

Rancho rear struts RS999941 RS999926

Water pump Ford # PW-494

Fan clutch Ford YB-3074

Drive belt idlers Ford #YS-253 (2)

Drive belt tensioner Ford # BT-61

Alternator 250 AMP high output

Cleaned MAF

Installed new headlight assembly

X-restyling carbon grill with Ford logo

H1 bulbs on high and low beam, Philips crystal vision ultra, CVB2 , xenon look 55 watt

Replaced heater temp mixer behind dash, Ford # YH-1873 / 7L1Z-19E616-C

Fuel Pump installed in tank Ford # PFS-514

Fuel lines from tank to filter replaced Ford #8L1Z=0J337-A

1-6-2017 117,777 miles

5 new Falken all train tires with TPS sensors and new ICON wheels

oil change

dual battery install with rear wiring

lubed rear D shaft

3-6-17 119,000 miles

4:56 nitro gears, ARB lockers, Ford wheel bearings and all 4 Ford cv shafts installed , rear gate rubber gasket, new reverse light bulbs, SCT Programmer from stage 3 motorsports PHX , rear gear oil changed 600 miles later in Idaho after gear install

4-14-17 121,140 miles

oil change, 5w-30 , front and rear diff oil changed, new exhaust pipe and muffler installed, water tank and pump installed,

6-16-17 122,050 miles

new ICON shocks, new Ford front axle 4x4 vacuum hubs part number 7L1Z-3C247-A, new w503943-s900 skid plat bolts , changed t case fluid with motorcraft transfer case fluid, drained transmission ATF, installed new filter , filled with Valvoline Max Life full synthetic Dex/Merc Mercon LV , oil change, new Ford front drive shaft #AL3Z-4A376-D

9-15-2017 123,089 miles

Rear diff oil changed with 75W-150 synthetic, roof rack lights hooked up, installed rear kitchen, new heavy duty rear ICON coil springs,

10-5-2017. 125,730 miles

New air filter, 4 wheel drive vacuum switch replaced # 7L1Z-9H465-B and new hoses with check valve #8L1Z-3A788-A, oil change, front diff oil changed 85-140


New OEM Ford Transfer case installed by mechanic Davie Burnside, 2 quarts of Ford t-case fluid, new Ford Control Module BL1Z-15604-B replacement, new transfer case shift control module #TM-168 7L1Z-7E453-D

2-1-2018 127,804 miles

New Falken MT tires installed

5-29- 18 128,395 miles

Vacuum box for front hubs installed, 20 amp fuse for rear cigarette plug replaced, oil change, changed brake fluid in reservoir, rear FORD drive shaft installed DL1Z-4602-C, 4x4 switch #7L1Z-14B166-A , installed Rhino rack awnings, installed new Ford air filter, new brake light switch installed # GL3Z-13480-A , replaced dash 4x4 switch 7L1Z 14B 166 A

7-11-18 131,693 miles

Engine Oil change at Nitro Gear, rear diff oil change, rear diff driver side oil seal change and alignment done

8-5-18 133,529 miles

New Passenger side exhaust manifold installed, studs, gaskets and nut replaced, starter replaced from O’Riley’s lifetime starter, new not rebuilt, front diff oil changed, t-case oil changed, engine oil changed, rotated tires, changed trans fluid 6 quarts of Valvoline max life full synthetic Dex/Merc Mercon LV, new trans filter from power torque #FK-405, 2 new 100 amp hour lithium ion Battle Born batteries and solar controller installed on camper side of electrical system, improved wiring = 12 v USB and socket in roof top tent

10-6-18 134,500 miles

Installed front driver and Passenger side window regulators and doubled sound deadened inside doors, Reused stock window motor. Motorcraft # WLR187, replaced front diff CV shaft seals on driver and passenger side part number Ford # 7L1Z 4A109 D , filled front diff with new gear oil

3-12-19 136794 miles

oil change
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