Wanted FJ80 open front diff

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Jul 15, 2012
United States
I just picked up my first LC. The front diff is singing. I am looking for a complete used third member near Southwest Ohio.
fj80 front

Can do 400.00 shipped. On the 91 fj-80 front 3rd hp diff. If any help
That is a good price considering how much shipping is.
front hp 3rd

Do $350.00 on the front hp 3rd. Non locking type. Shippn is like 60.00. So $400.00 shipped from socal. Located from Burbank to Bakersfield. As i travel there. Call or tx me @ 818-813-3112
OEM LC80 Front Reverse Ring & Pinion for sale

If you don't want to swap the whole carrier, we have have a nice set of front 8" High pinion reverse 3.73 Ring & Pinions pulled from a 1996 for sale. 175k on the gears well maintained and not showing wear (diff was tight when it had a ratio change). Also have a Nachi pinion bearing with it as well. Could save you money over the complete carrier and shipping weight. Also can make you a deal on new front and rear R&P sets if you want to change tire size at the same time. :wrench:
If interested, send me an email direct. :cheers:

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