Parting Out Fj80 in west michigan

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Dec 10, 2014
United States
I am parting out an Fj80 that rolled onto its side. Everything from the truck is up for sale exempt for the left front fender and the drivers door. the truck rolled onto its right side at high speeds, so the entire right side is compressed and scratched to bits. all of the windows and door insides are fine.
The inside of the truck is a tweed brown color, and most of the inside panels are in good condition.
What year? Is it cloth interior? I'm in Michigan. Thanks.
p-side sun visor if tan, price + shipping to 95672 pls. How's the condition of the front bucket seats? Pics?
im intersted in the rear "Toyota Land Cruiser" emblem.. if you still have it pm me a price shipped to orlando, fl 32837
looking for rear "toyota land cruiser" emblem
if you have it for sale please pm me with a price shipped to 32837

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