Wanted Fj80 front end parts

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Nov 8, 2017
Richmond indiana
United States
I have a 96 fjz80 and need the passenger headlamp. Would also like the 93-94 TOYOTA script grill. Any hook that bolts to the 4 bolts in the rear bumper. Tan Leather front seat lowers that arnt all ripped up.

Also looking for a locker setup for it.
I have a headlight set from a 96 I might split. Also have a 94 set. Not sure if your aware but the 93/94 Toyota grill wont bolt up to the 95-97 headlight assemblies. The grill mount is in a different location. Plenty of info on it here for switching grills. Pm if interested.
I believe you can cut the mounts off the later lights to mount the earlier grill. I'll have to look at it again this weekend. I have both a late and an early 80.

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