Wanted Fj80 3fe engine or tcase adapter for 4l60e

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Jan 31, 2009
Acton, CA
United States
Looking for a 3fe engine with lower mileage in good working order.
Will consider a newer engine if you have everything for it harness computer everything for the changeover.

Preferably in so cal or central ca. Vegas would work also. That's pretty much my limit for driving.

Let me know what you have.
So cal

You've got me confused. If you are looking for a 3fe engine, and it's ECU will not support a 4L60E tranny, then why are you also looking for a 4L60E adapter?? Did I miss something??:hmm:
What ever comes first I will do. If I can find a complete running engine from a lancruiser I'll go that route.
I can get a 4l60e for next to nothing and I allready have a 600 hp small block 400 that has been sitting on an engine stand for way too long. Its begging to be used.

I prefer a LC engine to keep it original but they are ridiculously priced at spector and rebuilt 4K honestly is a joke. I can buy another running cruiser for that price. LOL

Whichever comes first I will use.
(1) I can sell you a complete FJ60 engine for $750.00, plus freight. I don't know year or miles, all I know is it ran perfectly the day the body was removed from the chassis one year ago. In fact, I can give you the whole motor, 4 speed tranny, split case and shifter for $1500.00.
(2) If you go V8, I'm your boy. I have all the parts/adapters you will need, but first let me send you my freebie V8 instruction manual. PM your mailing address to me for snail mail, the manual is not set up to send electronically.
Jim Sickles

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