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Mar 29, 2010
Tucson Arizona
Mostly a bunch of FJ62 parts with a few FJ60 parts, as time went by, I deleted the sold parts from the ad to make it more streamlined...
Email is best, I am in NW Tucson and can ship at cost..
Photo gallery of all the parts with 5 pages:

FJ62 Stuff (1988-1990 Land cruiser):

DENSO OEM spark plug wires... Installed and removed in one day, wires were not the problem! Like new $15
Set of 6 never used AC Delco Rapid fire spark plugs from the 90's $25, probably the only new set that exists anywhere :)
Alternator, works perfect $75
Front exhaust manifold section in great shape $60
Cooling fan with clutch $95

3fe rocker arm cover/valve cover $30 oem
87-92 3fe distributor $150
Starter in good working shape, reman unit $50
Engine bay blower works good $75

Glove box cardboard insert $20
Rear cargo area pillar trim white set $75
Rear hatch window fluid bag with pump motor $25
Blower fan housing located under the dash near the passenger side $45
Front foot area kick panels in blue/gray, both sides in good shape $40 for both

Blue door sill plastic covers, front and rear set of 4 $35
Front windshield wiper motor works great $90
Cargo area passenger side panel early 1988 or will work in the FJ60 (1 long one without the speaker hole) in blue gray $55
Rear cargo area wheel hump vinyl covers in blue/gray 1988-1990 without the 'ears' on them $60
Automatic shifter plastic trim/surround gray/blue (one of the screw holes has been broke slightly, look at pic) $15
Lower steering column clamshell piece in brown, small chunk missing FREE!! you pay for shipping.
Passenger side power chrome mirror, works good, chrome is bubbling $55

Older spring shackles, set of 4 for $20
Center hood latch as shown in pics $20
Front windshield wiper motor, works great $90
Hood hinge, passenger side, $15
OEM tool & jack kit complete with all the parts, original old bag and a never used NEW OLD STOCK bag are all included $280
Emergency brake lever/handle brown $40
Rear bumper center mount piece (bolts the center section of the rear bumper to the frame) $30
Trans to crossmember mount $25
Set of rear drums, good shape with lots of meat on them, I think they are OEM $40 for the set of 2
2 rear frame stubs with body mount, both driver and passenger side $60
2 front OEM skidplates, $25 each

FJ60 Stuff (1981-1987):

FJ60 grill, decent shape $60
FJ60 passenger seat back in brown $50
Speedometer cable, nice shape $30 (I have 2 of them)
Cargo area passenger side panel blue/gray 1 long one $60
Positive battery cable from starter to battery $20
FJ60 windshield wiper motor works great $90
Hood hinge, passenger side, $20
Front windshield motor electrical connector link $25

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Mar 29, 2010
Tucson Arizona
Heater core/fan housing and rear wiper motor back up for sale...buyer said he was sending funds and did not follow through.
Mar 29, 2010
Tucson Arizona
Bump for the remaining parts! Sold items are removed to avoid any repeating of requests/questions/etc....

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