Fj62 electrical gremlins at play

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Jul 26, 2004
The other night when went out to get some stuff from the rear of my 62, I manually switched on the rear dome light (it doesn't work automatically when the liftgate is opened) and the instrument panel lit up and the heater motor started blowing. No key in the ignition. When I turned the light off and shut the liftgate everything turned off. ????? The Toyota dealership replaced the ignition switch a few months back- could this be the problem? This is probably the first time I have turned this light on since then. Thanks.
The issue is w/ the lead from the lock in the tail gate to the auto side of the light switch. It's probably frayed and grounding between the top of the tail gate and the rear hatch frame (it passes through a rubber protective sleeve along w/ the leads for the license plate lights). I solved this by just pulling the lead/wire off the light switch (pull the lens off the light and unscrew the base to access the wires). The auto function doesn't work but the dash doesn't light up when I raise the tail gate.
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