FJ60 Susupension

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Dakar .. ! :D but all depends what do you want .. there are not the same option for SU with 33" or SO with 35" or more larger tires ..
search, alot of info is out there. OME, Alcan are prob the top 2 as far as popularity? there is more info here than you can read in a week check it out!! :)
Not only can you have them made to your specs they tend to be soft due to how they are manufactued.
They are a more plyable rock crawling style spring as aposed to a heavy load carrying spring.
Mine ride much nicer than any of the OME I have used and I would think Dakar are like OME.
I had to have the rears beefed up to handle expedition loads of about 750 lbs.


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