fj60 rotor replacement

Sep 11, 2002
Fort Worth, TX
I've got the the front off (the part where one would select free or lock), but i cant get the next piece off (body or casing that looks like a 6 pointed star). If anyone has done this before, you know what i'm talking about. Is there some trick I'm missing? I took off all 6 nuts, but it dosent want to move. People keep telling me to use heat and expand it off as I have already tried a BFH already to no avail. please help.


Out of Africa / North Africa
It's actually quite easy! Take that hammer and a brass drift and tap the top of the studs gently. Keep going around and around and the cone washers will pop out. Once one comes out the rest will quickly follow. Use anti-seize when you reinstall!
Nov 16, 2002
Clean up the grease. There is a snap ring that holds the lockout on the birfield. Got a manual?

Jan 30, 2003
After you pull the hub off, take a brass drift and hold it firmly to the end of the stud and tap with BFH. It may take several strikes but the cone washers will pop out and not be damaged and you won't damage the studs. Follow the steps in the factory manual EXCEPT their method of removing cone washers.

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