Fj60 Roll Cage? Anyone know where to find one? Any advice on building one?

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Hello everyone,
I've been off the forum for sometime (more kids and more work) , but finally have to time and resources to get my old truck functional.
So, I finally have enough to tackle the rust. Next issues is seating. I now have 4 boys and would like to be able to take them with me.
My plan is to install a roll cage that will allow me to put 4 low seats in the rear (troopie style) with the bench seat folded down.
Problem is... I can't source a roll cage kit. Metal Tech had one in ~2010. I messaged them, but couldn't find anything on there website.

Any recs would be appreciated.

Also, Anyone with any helpful advice for someone thinking about building a roll cage?

Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
I seen the aftermath of a few 60/62 rollovers
the body is fairly stout, the need for a rollbar may be overkill and not needed for protection

how big are the boys? the lack of leg room when sitting across from each other will be tight, along with not bending at the knee.
Roll bar maybe over kill, but is the only way i could get all the seats needed.
Boys are 7m, 4y, 6y and 8y. They are short like me... but the kicking will be an issue... hmmm

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