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Jul 3, 2002
Have some FJ60 parts that are in good condition-in Springfield, Oregon. Here's the list:
1. stock cooling fan/clutch unit $50
2. 14" Hayden "tornado" electric fan-only used a short time-$35
3. stock fan shroud FJ60 $30
4. 1/4" wheel spacers $25
5. stock air cleaner assembly-good shape-$60
6. Nearly NEW 18" high speed flex fan-blue anodized finish-w/spacers and fasteners-this fits stock fan shroud. $45
7. AC system with everything except under dash condensor-worked when removed-$100
8. NEW 2.5" Catco Catalytic converter-I run one of these with Flowmaster muffler and it flows exceptionally-bought 2 and only used 1. $35
Prices negotiable, buyer pays for all shipping,
Apr 9, 2002
Olympia, WA
I'm may be interested in the cat. &nbsp:Do you know if this cat requires the air injection system (like the stock cat) and temp sensor?  I did a TBI conversion on my 2F and can't use a stock type catalytic converter. What would shipping be to Olympia, WA 98513?  Email me off board if you would like
Jun 11, 2003
i know this an old post, but do you still have any of those fans laying around? interested in all, though the OEM fan price i can get from specter...
e-mail me at if you've still got stuff-thanks

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