Wanted FJ60 12HT conversion parts.

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Feb 9, 2014
United States
I have a complete engine ans 55 trans. I need 12V alt and starter. I need immediately a set of frame mounts. I would like to find a complete wiring harness but I've been told it not necessary, a tach, some hj60/62 fender flairs, a 12ht down pipe and a dual battery tray for the drivers side. Please email me if you could share any info if you have done one of these. I'm capable of fabrication and custom installation but I really need to get this thing running now and thought that factory pieces will be faster.
I have all the 24v stuff and a complete fj62 body for trade? Anyone.
Why not run a single battery tray on each side of the radiator? That's the factory setup and the parts are aroubd. The trays, hold-downs and J-hooks are the same for both sides. The brace going from the inner render to the tray is different from side to side. The passenger sude is available but the driver side was discontinued by Toyota a while ago.
I make an aftermarket part for the driver side.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
George that is what I meant sorry. Can you get me a set of 2h/12ht frame mounts for this fj60 frame of my dads truck. The set I bought are so rusty they have about 50% maybe of the org. Material and I'd rather used another set. Worst part is I need these fast. I cut out the old mounts and installed the 12ht. It's sitting in wood blocks in the truck.
Sorry but I can't help you with those engine mounts. I'd try SOR, Cruiserparts.net and call all the Canadian cruiser shops to see if anybody has a set for you.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
I'll be doing this sometime in the future and just got the parts I needed from extreme bends in Vancouver. fortunately my 12ht is 12v but they sourced the frame mounts for me, air cleaner, flywheel, bell housing, 2h throttle assembly, clutch fork and all the hardware. I already have dual batteries in my fj60 I got the trays at stainless trays .com and they are works of art. I also already have a h55 in the rig so really looking forward to when I have time to swap the 12ht in. oh on a side note I picked up a parts fj62 and it appears like the fj62 power steering lines will be the ticket for the 12ht power steering since the 3fe and 12ht pumps are on the same side. also the fj62 air snorkel intake in the passenger fender should hook right up to the 2h/12ht air cleaner for a factory like installation. The fj62 had a factory hand throttle I robbed off of it as well:bounce:
I'm contemplating making a few sets of these mounts.
We already make the mounts to drop the 1HZ/HDT/HDFT/HDFTE into the 60-series chassis.
So if there's enough demand, maybe we can make these as well.
Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Went ahead and cut the 2f mounts off of my fj60. Looked good! Spent a whole day cleaning off the rusted trash metal from the junk mounts I got robbed on. Made them look better at least. Decided to test fit the 12ht with the mounts and maybe just weld extra support on them BUT!!!!
with the motor in the mounts won't line up. to the frame. Tried several different combos with even a 2f mount on the pass side.
Called george in a panic, set the motor on the axle via 6x6 and stopped to ponder. Images to follow.

This is the Pass with the wedge.
This is the 2f mount because the hj mount won"t fit with out being clocked 45deg.
Difference in thinkness
[/URL] [/IMG]
No Matter what I do this is as high as I can get the drivers side. Note: Motor lifted to take good pic.

Pass tacked in
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Text me tomorrow to remind me ....... I'll take some pics and will post them.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
What's keeping the engine from going higher?

What year is the 60 this is going into?

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Ok I'll text you. I was thinking that the trans mount is still the one from the 2f along with the cross member. Do I have to change the cross member. Who would you buy parts from that will give me jobber pricing if I call in a bulk order? Looking last night I need a P/S pump and res with lines, 12v alt and starter, clutch fork, throttle cable/rod, fan shroud and rad, maybe? I found the dimensions for the mounts and I'm just gonna weld them in today from this members conversion page DanS HJ-45. He did one of these with a half cut. Also when I do order what vehicle do i use. the truck is a 81 FJ 60 and the motor seems to be a 85 12HT. This is starting to get to be a pain but it should be worth it. Should I use aftermarket stuff. I'm not gonna use HJ wiring, since I can't find one. I gonna wire manual glow button, piro and boost gauge and tach. I like isspro any thoughts on that.
do I have the wrong bell housing? it's the one that was on the motor. All aluminium with HJ cast in it is I remember.
Post some pics of the bell housing. Like I mentioned in the phone, you may have to grind it a little to create clearance for the oil return passages on the upper portion if the front bearing retainer of the trans.

81 FJ60 has the wrong trans tunnel in it. Get a later tunnel. I bet that's part of your issue. You'll need the later transmission shifter boot also.

Send the alternator in and get it rebuilt and converted to 12V.

There's no such thing as "jobber pricing" when it comes to cruiser parts for vehicles or engines that weren't sold in the USA. If you're lucky enough to find the parts, you buy them.

For new OEM parts, get a hold if Onur. His username on here is "beno".

I would highly advise you don't fully weld anything in place until you have all the proper parts and you're 100% certain that things are in the right location. Dan does great work and knows his cruisers but your rig is an 81 ..........

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Yes. You'll need to remove the front seats and the front carpet.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Yup that sounds right. The org was a 2f 4 speed then I added the f55 using the 4 speed bell housing. Then I pulled the 2f and added the alum. Late model bell housing on the 12ht. The whole thing is about two inches off center and clocked at 1 looking at the motor slant. Lifting it only wedges the trans into the tunnel. What year truck do I get a cross member out of.

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