For Sale FJ55 parts - Green Bay WI

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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
United States
One of the members of LCL has a truck/trailer load of FJ55 parts in his barn left from when he sold his REALLY nice FJ55. The new owner doesn't want any of it, and he's had no luck finding someone to purchase the lot of it.

From the list he mentioned last night, the pile includes a tailgate or two, 2 complete sets of doors, a couple hoods, a couple bibs, quite a bit of glass and interior parts as well.

He does NOT want to deal with shipping any of it, and doesn't want to break apart stuff and piece it out. One package, one price, come get it.


Tim Jonet,

If you can't drive up and haul it away, don't bother...
:(is tim the owner of the blue fj55 i met in lakewood the time i wheeled with you and a few others? if so bummer, cause i would have loved to get my hands on his i dare ask how much he sold it for, or will it just make me sad!
I believe he got his asking price, $10,000....I seriously considered it myself but decided I would rather buy a tub/frame someday and build it myself...

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