fj45LV major rust

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Oct 23, 2009
High in the Rocky Mountains
United States
See other post for the story of the drive from salt lake to Colorado. I am glad I got to do this drive.

The water pump is fixed and she is on the road again.

So here are pictures of the body, the holes and rust in the floorpan. What shall I do? I am not into a garage queen, I want to be able to ride her through the bushes and not worry about a scratch in the paint. I also like this rusted wrinkled look. Here is my list.

I would cut out all the rust from the floorpan and the wheel wells and weld in new metal pieces to get it all sealed up again. Then also weld in more metal where needed to keep mud and dirt and moisture from getting stuck in nooks and crannies. Treat this new and the old metal with a rust preventer or a good sealer. So the bottom of the truck is all closed and no air from below gets into the cab. It is -40 here in January and I will be drinving in full snow storms.
I will also need to do something about door seals, any recommendations for seals?
A new front window, it is cracked
May be add a mirror on the right and replace the one on the left, any sources for 45LV mirrors?
Add some more exhaust pipe and or exhaust elements to lower emissions/noise.
With all this to do I think I'd be better off taking the frame off the body so it is easier to work on, is that a lot of work / time? Looks like you could just unbolt and lift is off. But I have never done it before any snags to expect?

I plan to wirewheel the paint off, re-paint.
re upholster the benches
what should I do for the insides of the new floorpan?
I'll make plywood door panels and use 2inch tongue and groove aspen or pine slats for the roof. That'll get it a nice woodsy look inside.
The doors need to be adjusted some more to get a better seal once new seals are installed.
weld attachment points for seat belts, I'd like to have three point belts but door pillar is not very strong. Any suggestions?
If anyone sees more that I should be doing and has any ideas please let me know. I am open to suggestions on what and how to do it.



i guess if you are looking for advice on what you should do, i would start in the right forum.

If you are trying to sell it, then you would start here.

aside from that, try searching. Tons of info out there on alot of what you asked.

Have fun!
Welcome. Get the moderator to move your post or start over on the forum below the classified links. As for rust, you have a ton of work ahead of you, whether you try to make it original or custom. Go for custom, trust me. Yes it would be much easier off the frame, but only if you use a rotisserie. But then you are into a slippery slope of long term project vs being able to drive her while you fix the rust. I would not do it. Just get some 20g sheet metal sheets a welder, a bunch of tools and start at it. Do the best you can and remove the rusted areas, replace w fresh metal. Treat w modern coatings, seam sealer and then undercoat. Look into brushable seam sealer. Good lucK and post some pics.

PS there are no replacement panels available for our trucks so we are on our own.

Lots of good info for you on the site but please consider having the compete truck sand blasted by a good near-by company if possible.
You will save yourself tons of time, see the needed repair area faster, welding will be much better with clean surface, and painting is eazy also.
Good luck
OK I copied the first post of this thread to the area below classifieds. Thanks for the ideas so far. I'll see what we have available around here for sand blasting and for welding panels. I might not necessarily sand blast since I just want to put it back on the road fast and get it operational and in a shape that can be maintained reasonably well. See you all over in the new thread named "major rust in flooorpan".

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