Fj45 shortbed LS build (1 Viewer)

Feb 13, 2018
Southern Illinois
Figured I’d do a build thread on my short bed build.

pick it up a month or so ago, doesn’t look like much but it was complete minus a drivetrain and front/rear glass.

Quickly put some real meats on and put all the sheet metal together to admire the purchase and my boys immediately hopped in.

Pretty straight and rust free. A lot of metal work has been done but a few things I want to try to change like the flat back of the cab.

another is the tailgate was two half’s welded into one, doesn’t look bad but seeing the bow bugs me.
It’s new heart ready to be torn down for mock-up.

So the plan is basically do the same drivetrain setup as my fj62 as is proven itself and is budget friendly. LM7 with a 4l60e and doing a fj62 splitcase converting it to manual twin sticks.

the frame is already setup for saginaw steering and reverse shackle so I’ll just clean it all up and do the metal work to make us clean before it goes powder coating. Got all my adapter bits ordered and hopefully soon I’ll be able to get this mounted in the truck
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