FJ45 LV circa 1964 +++ OREGON

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Apr 24, 2003
Southwest Oregon
United States
I bought this knowing I didn't have time for it but couldn't pass it up. Hoping to find it a good home.. It will only sit if I keep as I don't have the time and need to spend my money on more important things (hopefully not bills) So I am not going to spend time tinkering on it.
The vehicle is a 1964 LV and has been sitting for years. It was last registered in 1999. It has severe rust in the floorboards and the hood has been smacked and filled with bondo but it may have been on another rig as the front of the roof seems fine. The interior is pretty much stripped and the front seat is from an FJ40 I believe. The rain gutters all look good but I noticed a couple of spots in the roof that had been filled. It looks good in the pictures but the blue paint hides alot. The fenders look pretty usable but the aprons appear to be squashed. Frame seems rock solid and aside from some junk welded onto the front and the rear bumper is in overall good condition.
The motor started up very quickly and I would guess was swapped out of an FJ55 m(73ish?). F155 is on the valve cover and it has the early 2 barrel carb. It also has the wider FJ55 radiator without the fan shroud. It has 50 psi oil pressure and runs at 180* according to the AM gauges. It has the 3 speed tranny and the 4WD green light comes on when shifting into 4WD.Drives nice but I only got up to second gear- brakes DO NOT WORK, but the ebrake does.
I wouldn't push this as a candidate for a total resto but it would be fun solid rig if it wasn't for all the rust in the floors...
Soooo.. I would be willing to throw in a donor FJ45lv body ONLY, with aprons and bib less clear markers (1967 body that has a very clean firewall, dash and floor boards). I am keeping the frame and some other parts that I need for other stuff and that are spoken for but between the two of these there is potential for a nice ride.
Price $5000k OBO.. that is a starting point as I really am not sure what the market value is on these.
Interested in trades for a 45 LPB or frame , troopy +my $$$, 40 hard top, OEM soft top bows, I keep the motor tranny-t-case combo reduce the price or ???. I am pretty reasonable and not trying to ream anyone. I would also like to be able to contribute to the F135 resurrection from this sale. Willing to work with shippers but prefer that you come and look at it and make sure it is what you want and haul it away as its not fit to drive.. I will point out all the flaws I have found. Thanks for looking. Please pm if you are serious and we can take it from there on the phone. Photos take forever for me to send. Will list on CL locally if I don't have any serious interest here.
64 LV

PM Sent!
The 64 looks fairly intact besides the floors and it runs which is cool!
The other donor LV needs some loving though!
Between the two there will be lots of duplicate parts in the mix to donate to
the 'Project FJ35"!!!
I'll wait to hear from you, We'll see what we can work out!
If someone was going for a full resto there is a '64 for sale in NY. It still has the original drive train, but the body too bad to restore. It was posted here somewhere not that long ago.

Found it... I said, pretty rough looking, but taking the drivetrain out of this one, the floors out of the donor, and that pretty blue 64 LV could be as new as the day she rolled off the line :beer:
pms sent

Sent pms. Just to clarify, the body on the red and white one is beat up but is solid but will be only sold as the body/parts unless someone has a trade that will eliminate my need/want for the LWB frame. It is possible to transfer the necessary parts to complete the 67 and try to get a lost title. I would encourage anyone serious to look at this rig in person. Thanks again. Kief.
Or Best Offer... really

Those of you who replied please let me know if you are out..

I am open to trades and if I keep the motor/tranny/transfer then that will work good for us both if you don't need it and don't want to spend too much.

Also interested in a Previa/Sienna Van in good shape or a Dodge Diesel with less than 200k..

Going on the local C-list soon.
Price drop....

$3,000 obo for the blue lv... parts from the other negotiable.. advertising locally as well.
I'm hoping to see the red one when I get there. There might be a few parts that could be of use! That's the color mine will be when it's finished (it's already that color on the title).
Bye Bloozer...

Just sent of the LV to a local cruiser head and 'mudder.. I'll let him post up when he feels like it..

My wife is gonna miss that thing...

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