Wanted fj45 frame

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Jun 26, 2005
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United States
I have some rot on my frame and im toying with the idea of finding a better frame them acid dipping it the ngalvanizing it. Then just start swapping parts over from the other one
There are many varieties of options and your participation int the mix. What are you wanting to do then a solution could be set fourth. Pic's would be a good start and then many people could pipe in and offer solutions
Few of the body mounts look like this. Already sourced out new ones from cruiser solutions.

Rear spring hanger. You can see the rot on it. Been thinking of maybe boxing the whole rear of the frame.

This area will be boxed. Easy fix. Been looking at the ruff stuff boxing kit looks like it should work

Once you get it cleaned up you will be able to see what you have and yes a box job is in order then you will be good to go.
Yes that's the plan once my new bed arrives I'll strip the old one off and have good access to everything. I want to find new spring perches for the rear. I saw cruiser solutions made ones for the rear of a 40 not sure if they will work on a 45. I have a call into them for info
Sounds like you are doing your homework the most time consuming part of the job is preparation and set up to complete the task along with gathering the right part's.

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