For Sale FJ45 Bobbed LWB Bed

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Nov 15, 2009
United States
I have a FJ45 bed for a long wheel base model that I am going to offer for sale. It is an early bed and would take a 3 hinge tailgate. I don't have a tailgate for it. It has been bobbed about 12 inches by PO but it is nicely done IMO. It is very solid; no cancer rust in it. I really like the proportions of this bed as I feel like the stock long bed just looks too long for me. I had planned to keep this for a second project but figured if someone else wants it at my asking price then I will sell it rather than hoard it for a project I won't start for a long time. I am asking 2500.00 for it. I am located in Northern New Mexico. I would prefer the buyer pick it up or arrange the shipping.

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At this time I am not interested in selling the bed unless I have a replacement figured out.

I found a swb bed and am now open to selling this bed.
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More pictures of the bed.




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I think I used to own that bed way back when. it came from Oregon to me then sold to Colorado.
IIRCC it is shortened aprox 16"?? it was done nicely but still shorter than a stock lpb bed
I bought it from Classic Cruisers in Salida, CO. It is a nice bed very solid no significant rust at all and the bob was done nicely. I have no problem using it.

Thanks for sharing the history I like to hear the story behind it.
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Bump, I changed the add from trade to for sale.

Edit: Traded, No longer available.
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