FJ40 Wheel Stud Replacement- Front Drum

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Jan 9, 2016
Sri Lanka
Two of my front wheels studs broke off whole tightening the lug nuts. Is there any way to replace these studs without taking the whole hub assembly apart? Anyone who has done this successfully pls share as I dont want to go through the hassle of having to tear the hub apart.

FYI My front has drum brakes.
You do not need to tear apart hub. You must remove brake drum so as to access complete wheel stud. Then take a big hammer and punch the studs out. Then new studs in and you must use a compressor to draw the new studs completely into the hole.

Look at the video. It is easy.

That is an excellent video. No BS...just the facts ma’am.

I have a BJ40 with drum brakes, you cannot replace a front stud without removing the whole hub assembly, it won't fit in, some cut them but I wouldn't advise it.

I have the spare here, still have to get around to it


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